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A New Cedar Privacy Fence Expertly Installed

A cedar privacy fence can be purchased in an array of grades, sizes and accents, making it ideal for custom fencing designs. Cedar also takes to paints and stains easily, making it an ideal candidate to match the existing landscape of your home.


Cedar fencing is also considered to be the most durable of wood because it is naturally resistant to termites as well as rot. Call 616-891-5990 to get a FREE quote on your new cedar privacy fence.

Quality chain link security fences

Chain-link fences have skeletons and rails with chain-link mesh stretched tightly across them. The mesh comes in stronger steel or lighter aluminum. They are a great way to fence in an area without the costs of a wood fence.

Warranties are available; call us today at 616-891-5990 for more information!

Beautiful ornamental fences

Add beauty and security to your home with a brand new ornamental fence from Alto Fencing Services LLC. It's a way to protect your family while showcasing your property. Call 616-891-5990 today to get a FREE estimate.

Durable vinyl fencing

When you want a durable fence that won't fade, flake, discolor, blister or peel, choose high-quality vinyl PVC fencing. PVC comes with a lifetime product warranty.

Meeting all of Western Michigan's fencing needs for more than 30 years.

Picket fences, a slice of Americana

Give your home that "Mayberry feel" with a classic picket fence made of wood or PVC. The picket fences offered by Alto Fencing Services LLC generally range in size from three to four feet tall.

Create a sanctuary with privacy fences

Transform your backyard or pool into a secluded oasis with privacy fencing from Alto Fencing Services LLC. Privacy fencing constructed without gaps between the slats are commonly used around property lines and swimming pools. We also build post and rail fences.

Enjoy silence with sound barriers

Live near a noisy road or highway? Enjoy the sound of silence with a tightly constructed sound barrier fence.  While we can't promise complete silence, we can greatly reduce the amount of noise pollution received on your property.

Superb shadowbox fences

Get the best of both worlds with a shadowbox fences. Shadowbox fences allow for privacy while also offering some visibility in case you don't want to seem "unneighborly."

Protect livestock with electric fencing

When you build an electric fence you protect your investment, your livestock. Electric fencing keeps your animals where they are supposed to be safe and sound. Call 616-891-5990 for a FREE estimate.

Decorative arbors installed

Arbors are shady resting place in a garden or park on which plants, such as climbing shrubs, flowers, or vines, are grown. They are often made of wood, metal or vinyl. They can be flat topped or arched and created in simple or intricate designs.

Security and automated gates

Control who goes in and out of your property with gates installed by Alto Fencing Services LLC. We build fences of any size made from wood, vinyl or other materials. Call us today at 616-891-5990.

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